About Faith Lutheran Ministries

Faith Lutheran Ministries is a composite of Faith Lutheran Church, Faith Place, and Little Ark Day Care. The congregation of Faith Lutheran Church was formed on September 26, 1965. After worshiping in several different settings, we moved to our present home at Faith Place in September 1981. Faith Place is a twelve-story seniorís residence, which also is the home of Little Ark Day Care Centre.

Faith Lutheran Church believes that the essence of the church is Godís people gathered around Word and Sacrament to be prepared for mission and service. Our congregational home reflects this belief. Faith Lutheran Church is built into a structure that serves other purposes. For example, you will quickly discover that our worship space, Augustana Hall, serves as a residentsí dining hall Monday through Friday. It is often used for meetings, social gathers and banquets in the evening hours.

Who Are the Lutherans?

The term Lutheran is derived from the name of the 16th century monk, Martin Luther, who while attempting to reform certain practices within the church of his day sparked the movement known as the Protestant Reformation.

The Lutheran church has over 70 million adherents of every race and language worldwide. It is both universal and evangelical.

Our Christian identity is most evident in our fidelity to apostolic faith and practice. Lutherans worship in accordance with the historic liturgies of the church, celebrating our Lordís presence among us through Word and Sacrament. We continue to see ourselves as a reform movement with and for the universal church, and maintain close relations with most of the worldís major church bodies. In Canada, these ties are most evident in the Waterloo Accord, which established full communion between the Evangelical Church in Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada.

We are evangelical in our continued commitment to the task of making disciples, teaching, and baptizing in the name of the Triune God. Lutherans are eager to share the story of the new life and salvation that is our in Jesus Christ! The good news of the Gospels challenges and empowers us to live lives of praise and service.