Greetings from the Pastor

Welcome to our site. Feel free to look around. If you are in Oshawa, please drop in to say hi.


The season of Easter runs from Easter Sunday until Pentecost.  During this season we celebrate Jesus' resurrection and how it impacts our life.  Because of Jesus' great victory, a victory he freely shares with us, we find life in the midst of death, hope in hopeless situations, joy where there was sorrow.  In fact, Jesus' victory completely turns this world upside down, much in keeping with Jesus' mission as found in the Gospel of Luke.  Come join us as we explore this new world in which we live.  It is an exciting time.


If you happen to be in Oshawa look us up. We worship at 10:30 a.m., at Faith Place, 44 William Street West. But don't look for a church; we are in an apartment building!


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